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University of California, Irvine
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Natural Sciences Building 1 | Rm 2214

Join Our Team!

We are currently accepting applications from postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students.

We are building a team of highly motivated researchers to investigate novel therapeutic targets to tackle the undruggable proteome through targeted protein degradation approaches. Positions are available to researchers who are passionate about lysosomal protein degradation, diet and metabolism, and organ crosstalk.

Prospective postdocs and graduate student researchers should schedule a meeting with Dr. Albrecht.
Dr. Albrecht is affiliated with both the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Developmental & Cellular Biology departments.

Prospective undergraduate lab assistants should send a brief message directly to Dr. Albrecht.
This should include a statement about yourself, your specific research interests, your long-term goals, and why you would like to join the lab.

If you have any additional questions regarding the lab, please email Dr. Albrecht.

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