Meet the Team

Graduate Student Researchers

Carolina Franco
Pharm Sci, 2nd year

My name is Carolina and I am a second year Pharmacological Sciences PhD student. I graduated from Penn State in 2018 with a B.S. in Biotechnology and worked on antibody-drug conjugate technology for PADCEVTM at Seagen for three years. My research focuses on the generation of an analog-specific protein methyltransferase to identify methylation substrates, and studying the role of methylation in cancer. In my free time I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and chasing after my dog, Flaca.

Laurence Seabrook
Dev Cell, 2nd year

My name is Laurence and I’m a second year Dev & Cell PhD student. I graduated with a BA in Biochemistry from Occidental College in 2020 and spent a year working at Genentech on purification development for antibody-based drugs. My research aims to (1) identify the machinery that delivers methylated proteins to the lysosome and (2) explain how cells determine the fate of methylated proteins. Outside of the lab, I spend most of my time at the beach, cooking & running.

Melissa Campos
Dev Cell, 1st year

My name is Melissa and I’m a first year Dev & Cell PhD student. I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from UCI in 2022. I study the effects of Arginine methylation on glycolysis and breast cancer. I like going to the beach, watching reality TV, and hosting friends!

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Steven The Nguyen

My name is Steven Nguyen. I am a fourth year undergraduate majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am interested in discovering new potential drug targets for various disease treatments. I am currently undecided between pursuing a PhD or MD after my time here at UCI. I enjoy doing research because any discovery, no matter how small, can potentially lead to great advancements in the scientific community.

Yadhira Garcia

My name is Yadhira Garcia, I am a fourth year undergraduate majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences. In the Albrecht Lab, my project consists of the Wnt pathway and how it relates to and behaves in osteoporotic patients compared to healthy patients. I hope that by carrying out this project I will be able to help Dr. Albrecht develop results that will help develop novel therapeutics for osteoporosis. I will be pursuing a PhD after my undergraduate experience, continuing my passion for research.

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