The Research

Our group studies a new degradation tag, Arginine methylation, which can signal proteins for lysosomal degradation.

We are using chemical and cell biological approaches to understand fundamental cell biology, define the basis for human disease, and target the undruggable proteome with proximity-based medicine.


Mapping the Arginine Methylome
We are using innovative chemical biology tools to accurately determine which proteins are marked with Arginine methylation.

Molecular Mechanisms of Proteostasis
Using genome-wide CRISPR screening and cell biology techniques, we are investigating the mechanisms for how cells use Arginine methylation to regulate protein synthesis and degradation.

Organ Crosstalk
We aim to understand how byproducts of Arginine methylation drive crosstalk between organs like the bone & kidney.

Cancer Cell Metabolism.
We study how cancer cells hijack lysosomal activity to enable unrestricted cell growth and expansion.

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