Lab News!

06/03/2022 – NEWS
Happy birthday to Dr. Albrecht beeeeech!

Congratulations to Laurence for winning best poster design at the QTABS research symposium!

05/31/2022 – NEWS
Carolina’s image is selected as part of the Focal Plane/ELMI Image contest! Vote here for #59

05/20/2022 – PRESENTATION
Congratulations to Steven, May, Youngjin, Yadhira, and Curie for presenting posters at the UROP Research Symposium.

And — congratulations to Yadhira for being selected to give an oral presentation on her osteoporosis project!

05/18/2022 – NEWS
Albrecht lab goes to the Society of Investigative Dermatology Conference!

05/13/2022 – PAPER
The lab’s first paper is out now!
Franco, C. N., Noe, M. M., & Albrecht, L. V. (2022). Metabolism and endocrine disorders: What wnt wrong? Frontiers in Endocrinology13

05/06/2022 – PRESENTATION
Dr. Albrecht gives a talk at the Cancer Research Institute Symposium

04/30/2022 – PRESENTATION
Dr. Albrecht gives a talk at the MB&B Seminar Series

04/22/2022 – NEW LAB MEMBER
Welcome Laurence, officially joining the lab as our first Dev Cell PhD student!

04/09/2022 – NEWS
Albrecht lab goes to the Pharm Sci Dept Retreat – Dr. Albrecht is the keynote speaker and Laurence, Carolina, Christelle (and honorary lab member, Victoria) present posters!

03/23/2022 – NEWS
Huge congrats to Carolina for winning the Vertex Pharmaceuticals Fellowship!

02/07/2022 – NEW LAB MEMBER
Welcome Carolina from Pharm Sci, the lab’s first PhD student!

01/07/2022 – NEWS
Our pride and joy, the LSM900 confocal microscope, is here!

10/15/2022 – NEWS
The Albrecht Lab is officially open for business!

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